GEC, Geothermal Energy Consulting s.r.l. is limited liability company

President :
Dr. Fausto Batini, who has over 35 years of international experience in the geothermal energy sector holding different leading positions over the time: R&D of innovative technologies for exploration, well field testing and monitoring, environmental monitoring, exploration management, worldwide business development management.

Managing Director:
M.Sc Andrea Batini, who has experience in civil and environmental engineering of geothermal project

Working team :
A Project Team is established, including consultants with appropriate skill and expertise, tailored to each individual project.
A Project Manager is appointed to work closely to Clients and provide a trusted link with GEC.

GEC has in place partnership agreements with a network of individual Consultant and Companies from diverse backgrounds to be engaged in the geothermal project development.

GEC ’s clients include several geothermal operators in Italy and Internationally developers and operators and international financial institutions such as ERG Renew S.p.a., Alterra Power Corporation, Magma Energy Italia S.r.l.